Ali Lamu Bags

ALI LAMU Bags are 100% heartmade and handmade in Lamu, a small island in Kenya.
VINTAGE :These products are all made from recycled dhow sail, known as "tanga".  Wind, sun, rain, seawater and many years on the Indian Ocean have weathered these "tangas" into real pieces of art.
CLASSIC PAINTED: Ali Lamu uses a mix of old and new tanga (Dhow sail) to create uniquely painted bags.

THEIR STORY: The founders of Ali Lamu, Ali Omar, a local fisherman, and Daniella Blattler, a Swiss photographer, met in the island of Lamu, Kenya in 2008.  One day when the sea was rough and impossible for fishing, Ali asked Daniella for a job.  Unfortunately she didn't have any, but asked him if he could help her buy some of the old dhows sail (in Swahili, tanga).
Ali came back a few days later with a very old tanga, the colour was just magnificent, a brownish colour impossible to reproduce even if one tried hard.  The weather and years on the ocean made it a master-piece.  In the middle of the tanga there was a big hole, created by years of beautiful torment from the ocean. "This looks just like the hole I have in my heart at the moment, created by the strength and pain of love" Daniella said....
The day after, Ali came back with a tin of red and black paint, and together they started to paint a big red heart around the hole.  Daniella dipped her brush into the black paint and wrote: "Love again forever whatever".  Within two hours of painting, a couple on vacation bought the art piece.  After the first broken heart, many more hearts were painted on art, bags and decor and Ali Lamu was born.....Because of a broken heart....The End.